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Hiring qualified staff might not be your daily responsibility. For us however, it is our core business and therefore our specialization. With our extensive experience we are able to help job seekers and clients in various ways. Whether you are looking for additional qualified staff, an interim solution, genuine advice or RPO, we are here to help.

Permanent Recruitment

There are various reasons to look for (additional) staff. Usually organizations look for new colleagues to join their company on a permanent basis. We call this ‘permanent recruitment’, the most common way of hiring staff.

In order to find the right person for the role it is key to analyze what skills and/or qualifications are needed as well as to confirm what would be the best fit for the long term. Having a qualitative intake enables us to determine the hiring needs of the organization and therefore the qualifications of the ideal new staff member.

With our broad experience and extensive network we know how and where to find the right professionals for the position. Next to posting job advertisements we actively reach out to suitable professionals in order to discuss the position, followed by high standard interviews.

When the outcome of this interview meets the recruitment needs, business interviews at the client’s office will be scheduled.

APQ Consultancy is the central contact person for both candidate and client during this entire procedure. We will closely manage the procedure, answer questions when needed and guide both parties to a successful offer management stage.

During the offer management stage we act as business partner for both parties and we will give proper advice where and when needed. After confirming the last details, the new professional is ready to join your team.

Interim Management

Unexpected changes in your business or team might lead to a need of additional, interim resources. In urgent situations we are able to setup interviews with suitable interim professionals at your company within 48 hours.

Due to ongoing contact with interim professionals in the industry, we are in the position to act fast when needed and provide suitable interim solutions.

In case of an urgent need, we discuss the current situation, business needs, budget and timeline in order to ensure we look for the right professional. Once we gathered all necessary information, we start our qualitative recruitment process.

Interim professionals who meet the necessary qualifications will be presented, after which business interviews will be scheduled. The professionals are fully briefed by APQ Consultancy and therefore well prepared for the interviews. We take care of the whole process, including the briefing, scheduling, overall communication and acting as an advisor when needed.

After a successful interview we confirm the previously discussed topics, complete the paperwork and prepare the interim professional for the start of the assignment at your company.


The market is rapidly changing. New ways of working, new systems, tools and other work-related developments are topics discussed by all sorts of industries on a daily basis. Additionally, there are changes regarding candidates’ desires, changing (labor) laws, and new recruitment sources.

We understand it is a challenge to keep up with all developments at the same time. As a recruitment specialist we are able to advise our clients on a variety of topics. Reach out to us and we are happy to help.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Looking for new colleagues, but not able to establish a high standard recruitment process? Than Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) might be the right solution for you. With the RPO construction we will set up the entire process and make sure all you have to do is interview great candidates.

We kick off this process by scheduling a qualitative session where we discuss the situation at your organization, recruitment needs and preferred outcome.
Based on the discussed topics we present the best recruitment strategy, interview setups, potential assessments, scorecard measurements, interview techniques and other topics to increase, for example, your candidate experience.
During the recruitment process we act as first point of contact for both internal and external relations

We manage the entire recruitment procedure from the beginning, until the onboarding starts.

All you have to do is interview suitable candidates for the role.